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At thinkRED we have a range of clients who need software that is going to drive their business. Some need a website that will bring customers to the door, or provide a direct shop front for their products. Others need a full business system that will harness their internal systems and integrate across multiple divisions. Each of the projects we work on delivers a unique solution that fits the business need.

Our first step is to understand your requirements and how the software will work within your company. Then we develop a plan specifically for your environment that outlines all the processes and systems you will need to achieve your business goals. We can help you develop a project roadmap that meets your needs and your budget.

Our software engineers work with open source tools to ensure you have a flexible upgrade path that won't cost the earth now or in the future. We can develop a solution tailored for your needs from modular frameworks, or work with your ITS team to build a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing solutions.

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our latest web projects ...

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

online simulated training modules

Economically effective training delivers blended or standalone programs. Chinese modules provide country-specific training that is locally relevant and sensitive.

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Kids On Set

As parents of budding filmmakers we saw the need for a really good "hands on" program for kids - so we went out and created one. The program runs in school holidays and is supported by the great staff at Open Channel who let us take over the run of the place for a week with a bunch of excited kids.