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thinkRED has several partners offering our technology, We deal with a number of organisations and people who add value to our business

BullArt Media Group

Two years ago we were introduced to BullArt through a joint project with Financial Fence Pty Ltd. Since then we have established close ties with this creative consulting group working on a number of projects with various clients. We are certainly impressed with their ability to understand a client brief on the first take, and the clients are impressed with the results.

Find out more by visiting their website or give us a call and we’d be happy to share stories.

projects :

1. Where's the Money Gone
2. Smorgon Steel
3. Travellers Meeting Point


Nectarine are bubbling over with creative energy in the Flash medium. They first came to our attention at the MXDU05 conference where they were enthusiastically presenting the animated short film “Real World”. We recognised not only their skill in Flash but their ability to add real character and flavour to their work, and when we needed a partner to create the branding and interactive creative layers for the Heinz Watties web portals in Australia and New Zealand these were the guys we turned to.

See more of their work on their website, and check out the great graphics they created for Heinz in our case studies.

projects :

1. Heinz ForBaby AU
2. Heinz ForBaby NZ
3. Flash 8: tutorials

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