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At thinkRED we have a range of clients who need software that is going to drive their business. Some need a website that will bring customers to the door, or provide a direct shop front for their products. Others need a full business system that will harness their internal systems and integrate across multiple divisions. Each of the projects we work on delivers a unique solution that fits the business need.


CICADA develop reality learning; communication & training websites: and online counseling. thinkRED have worked alongside Cicada on many of these projects with a wide range of their clients.

projects :

1. Reality Learning
2. Online Counseling
3. GameReady
4. The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Heinz Watties

Heinz Australia makes food products that are enjoyed by families across Australia.

projects :

1. Heinz ForBaby Australia
2. Watties ForBaby NZ

Smorgan Steel

The rapid rise of Smorgon Steel to become the nation's most vertically integrated steel producer is one of the most impressive achievements in Australian industry.

projects :

1. Financial Fence

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