The Boy who Wanted to Touch the Moon

Directed by: John Lewis
Produced: Terri Dentry
Year: 2005
Running Time: 4'00

The Boy Who Wanted to Touch the Moon, is a stop motion film made in only three weeks using silhouetted composted loops and relying heavily on computer techniques. The backdrop for the sky was a large roughly painted canvas, with small puppets used for the silhouetted figures. To ensure the production could be completed in such a short time the figures movements were limited and the camera framing was kept to a minimum.

This film is based on the fable "the King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon" which John had considered for a film for many years. When the opportunity arose to make a short film for the internet competition "stopmo shorts" this was a story which could be adapted quickly.

festival screenings

May 06 Istanbul International Film Festival
April 06 Cortoons, Rome; Italy
Jun 06 Melbourne International Animation Festival
2006 Taiwan (animation conference)
2006 Keckscetmet Animation Festival, Hungary
2006 Emily Carr school, Canada
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Terri went along to see what was new this year and found the stand out programme to literally be standing out of the screen – in stereoscopic 3D that is.

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