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We are proud to be associated with and support a number of organizations in the film industry – and some are just our favourite places to get along to a short course and update our knowledge too!

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Terri went along to see what was new this year and found the stand out programme to literally be standing out of the screen – in stereoscopic 3D that is.

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Kids On Set

As parents of budding filmmakers we saw the need for a really good "hands on" program for kids - so we went out and created one. The program runs in school holidays and is supported by the great staff at Open Channel who let us take over the run of the place for a week with a bunch of excited kids.

Women in Film & Television WIFTVic

The film industry is notorious for being difficult to break into - so when I first decided to get serious about making films I went looking for a group that would support me in the endeavour. I found WIFTVic on the web. Went along to one of their AGM's. Put my hand up for a board position - and have been there ever since.

Open Channel

Open Channel is one of Victoria's great resources for film and tv. If you havent been over there to check out what they do get a move on. The old motto "use it or lose it" runs through their halls.