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Film festivals don’t just happen. Someone, or usually lots of someone’s, somewhere, have to collect, view, sort, filter, analyse and qualitate thousands of films from thousands of sources and then somehow categorise and quantitate each of them until they become the chosen few to screen at their particular flavour of film festival.

Each fest has a different focus. Each fest has sorted and programmed films to meet a particular audience. Some hope to educate. Some hope to inspire. Most hope to showcase the best of their own local works alongside the best the world has to offer.

One film festival is not enough. We like to get out and see as many as we can and bring back stories and films to share. Here is a selection of the best we have been to in the last few years, and some of the ones we are hoping to attend later this year!

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Terri went along to see what was new this year and found the stand out programme to literally be standing out of the screen – in stereoscopic 3D that is.

animation feeds.

festivals we love the most ...

MIAF: Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia

Actively seeking the best in international and Australian animation, MIAF brings together screenings, workshops, and special events, in a virtual feast of creative animation.

CINANIMA: International Cinema of Animation, Portugal

If you are looking to combine an international film festival with a good dose of sun, beach, great food and charming atmosphere then Cinanima is the one for you.

BIMINI: International Festival of Animated Film, Latvia

They’ve got some crazy straw bunnies in the park for Easter, and the women only dress in Armani, but the animation is great!

IIFF: Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey

Istanbul is full of contradictions; brimming with history and known for its endless motion and energy it is also famous for its melancholy mood. A film festival is just the place to showcase all this and more.

CORTOONS: Festival Internationale di Cortometraggi di Animazione, Italy

If you haven’t been to Rome before then be prepared for a crazy time. Bags get lost at the airport; Guides get lost driving to the venue; Screening times are not quite on time; but you know the saying .. when in Rome …

Internationales Trickfilm Festival: Stuttgart, Germany

Many rumours of this festival had reached my ears long before landing in Stuttgart for my first Trickfilm, and I wasn’t disappointed.