animation production

There are hundreds of different film techniques grouped under the general heading of animation, and these techniques can be used to create comedy, drama, musicals, documentaries, abstract and experimental film.

Stop motion is probably one of the oldest and most recognised of the animation techniques. Small children are capable of making the most imaginative and telling stories using simple coloured plasticine and a digital camera. In the hands of a talented animation artist this technique can be used to make anything from children’s comic to dark and surreal explorations into human nature.

Animated short films can provide overwhelmingly emotional minutes of art, but can take overwhelmingly long months in production. It takes a very special type of artist to put the type of time and attention into creating these short art pieces that the craft deserves, and we enjoy working with these amazing people more than almost anything else that we do at thinkRED.

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Terri went along to see what was new this year and found the stand out programme to literally be standing out of the screen – in stereoscopic 3D that is.

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recent animation projects

(2008) GMIH: The Not So Great Moment Before the Big Bang; Directed by Tobias Edwards and Nate Trapnell

One of the (13) short comedic series of films commissioned by BigPond in conjunction with Screen Australia

(2007) The Designer; Directed by John Lewis

Funded by the Australian Film Commission, this is a first professional film for director John Lewis

(2005) The Boy who Wanted to Touch the Moon; Directed by John Lewis

The Boy Who Wanted to Touch the Moon, is a stop motion film made in only three weeks using silhouetted composted loops and relying heavily on computer techniques.

(2004) The Birdhouse; Directed by John Lewis

The Birdhouse is a stop motion film which captures a world of multiple greys, intrigue and menace.