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One of the activities we really enjoy is meeting and writing about filmmakers, designers, and innovative technological gurus. You’ll find us scouting around the lobby bars at film festivals and design conferences on the lookout for works that really stand out from the crowd.

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Terri went along to see what was new this year and found the stand out programme to literally be standing out of the screen – in stereoscopic 3D that is.


This year we gathered up all the articles we could find that the team had put together over the last 5 years and republished them under the banner "Animatic". Going forward to hope to bring new articles to the mix, maybe commission a few ourselves, and look for a way to get this copy into print.

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Desktop Australia

Desktop is Australia's most recognised platform-independent information source for digital print and web design, prepress, publishing, multimedia and production.

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Metro Magazine

Metro is a partially refereed quarterly magazine that keeps alive the tradition of the essay, immersing the reader in well-informed, analytical and thought-provoking articles on film and media. It is Australia’s oldest continuously published film and media magazine, having been published since 1968.

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Design Graphics: DG Magazine

We have been hunting down and showcasing amazing designers and filmmakers for DGI for quite some time. Our feature articles range from Oscar winning films and the latest in flash animation to amazing jewellery collections found in Estonia. Click here to read some of our favourites.

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